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Wearable. What Do You Want?

AppleWatch 2I surmise the many of us that drop writings here and there certainly possess in our storage bin of articles, those that never made it to press. Came across this writing just over three (3) years old and thought I’d share an interesting take held at that time as Apple was maturing (slowly) in the wearables market.  Enjoy!  Continue reading “Wearable. What Do You Want?”


Apple Car, Google Car. No Thank You.

Source: KPMG

As a lover of tech from back in Palm Pilot days, like you, new tech excites. The endless possibilities, research and development these companies are doing to make our lives better, safer and convenient is surely welcomed. But, is there a line of demarcation, not to be crossed? Cars…Let’s take a moment to reflect, with a bit of humor tossed in.

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OK Apple, I Get It.

Free-Apple-HD-WallpaperThe year was 2007 and I remember being all-eyes as Apple introduced the iconic iPhone. Like many, the anticipation leading up to the event was high and eventually, the iPhone itself lived up to the hype. Being the first to market and for a period, alone with zero competition, Apple maintaining king of the throne status, easy. Continue reading “OK Apple, I Get It.”