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Wearable. What Do You Want?

AppleWatch 2I surmise the many of us that drop writings here and there certainly possess in our storage bin of articles, those that never made it to press. Came across this writing just over three (3) years old and thought I’d share an interesting take held at that time as Apple was maturing (slowly) in the wearables market.  Enjoy!  Continue reading “Wearable. What Do You Want?”


OK Apple, I Get It.

Free-Apple-HD-WallpaperThe year was 2007 and I remember being all-eyes as Apple introduced the iconic iPhone. Like many, the anticipation leading up to the event was high and eventually, the iPhone itself lived up to the hype. Being the first to market and for a period, alone with zero competition, Apple maintaining king of the throne status, easy. Continue reading “OK Apple, I Get It.”

Galaxy Note 10.1~2014 Round Two

gNote 10.1 2014Last month, Oct 11th, I raced to the local Bestbuy and grabbed Samsung’s latest addition to the tablet family, the 2014 Note 10.1. The 11th was a Friday, great thing about buying gadgets on a Friday, you’ve got the whole weekend to play. So how’d it go you say? Let’s talk a minute. Continue reading “Galaxy Note 10.1~2014 Round Two”

September: Big Blast of Mobile Devices Being Intro’d.

2013 has brought some pretty sweet devices to market across the board. Up to now, appears those releases were just a warm up to next month, September. Based on rumours and confirmed releases, the mobile battle is surely intensifying as manufacturers battle for our wallets.

Continue reading “September: Big Blast of Mobile Devices Being Intro’d.”