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Is Google Fading from Mobile Hardware Development?

GoogleThe Chromebook Pixel. How vivid the image remains of the day, nearly two years ago when UPS delivered that tech goodness to my door. My oh my, I surely felt after using the Pixel, that Google would shake the hardware world up for many years to come. Two things; One, their not doing that and two, the fact that I’m typing on that aforementioned Pixel has much to do with that now vivid image… Continue reading “Is Google Fading from Mobile Hardware Development?”


Polls~Polls~Polls. Do they really represent?

Alright, before I get to deep into this article, let me preface with this is in no way intended to pit one brand against another, but simply to take the question (s). When “polls” are conducted, who is being polled and where does the data to conduct originate? Hoping to find clarity…….

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To Root or Not To Root? That is the question.

Root: Webster has a few definitions; the¬†usually underground part of a seed plant,¬†the part of a tooth within the socket and the lowest tone of a chord. Well, we’re not going to chat about any of those roots, so lets get “root” to it.

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