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How The U.S. Carriers Are Handling the Samsung Note 7 Recall.

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-7As those of us who are weeks into the continued reveling of the greatness found in Samsung’s latest smartphone, the Note 7, we’re hit with a bombshell, a global recall due to devices (35 to date) reported to have battery issues.

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Surprise! Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Battery Is Removable.

Much of the churn over Samsung’s new S6 line has been over the loss of both the Micro-SD Card and ability to remove/replace battery. Well, the latter capability exists, it’s found on page 138 of Samsung’s manual.

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Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, The New Beginning.

S6LineWell, it’s 2015 and with each new year comes a new Mobile World Conference (MWC) and the introduction of new flagship devices. Samsung usually gets out in front of MWC, bringing its newest tech forefront, this year, the unpack event brought forth the S6 and S6 Edge. Continue reading “Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, The New Beginning.”

To Root or Not To Root? That is the question.

Root: Webster has a few definitions; the usually underground part of a seed plant, the part of a tooth within the socket and the lowest tone of a chord. Well, we’re not going to chat about any of those roots, so lets get “root” to it.

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Samsung Note 3. Multiple Variants?

With just under two (2) months until the September release of the highly anticipated Galaxy Note 3, the rumor mill whether you think it’s choreographed or not, is in full motion. Leaks of size and specs abound over the past months and now, there’s news of multiple variants coming our way being reported by Korean publication ETNews.

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