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Surface Pro 3: The First 24 Hours. Update #3

WP_20140622_20_19_20_ProWelcome, Surface Pro 3 (SP3), I’ve longed for your arrival an its rumored that you’ve come to replace both my laptop and tablet. Let’s see how you’ve fared after one day of use.

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12.2″ Display. Hit or Miss?

Note12.2The Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 entered the market in some ways, just as the Galaxy Note, with praise and criticism. Most, if not all of the criticism to date has been directed at the display size of 12.2″ with cost hot on the heels. Let’s talk display.

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Galaxy Note 10.1~2014 Round Two

gNote 10.1 2014Last month, Oct 11th, I raced to the local Bestbuy and grabbed Samsung’s latest addition to the tablet family, the 2014 Note 10.1. The 11th was a Friday, great thing about buying gadgets on a Friday, you’ve got the whole weekend to play. So how’d it go you say? Let’s talk a minute. Continue reading “Galaxy Note 10.1~2014 Round Two”

Nexus 10: What’s Your Number Four (4)?

Back in 2012 when this beast of a tablet came out, I made the purchase. Wasn’t long after hands on that I returned it, why? App optimization was to blame, otherwise, I thought Samsung and Google had done well in bringing a very nice tablet to market. Fast forward to August 2013, because of a couldn’t pass up online deal, a brand new 32GB Nexus 10 is once again, in-house. You’ve heard the news of a 2013 edition lurking in the near months, waiting to meet us all. Let’s talk a minute…

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