Wearable. What Do You Want?

AppleWatch 2I surmise the many of us that drop writings here and there certainly possess in our storage bin of articles, those that never made it to press. Came across this writing just over three (3) years old and thought I’d share an interesting take held at that time as Apple was maturing (slowly) in the wearables market.  Enjoy! 

The anticipation of Apple’s 2015 Spring Forward event was foremost in many a minds, and now that a year has passed and you’ve seen what the Apple Watch offers. Are you eager and ready for Apple Watch 2? Finally, is what many were saying when Apple unveiled its entry into the wearable market, the Apple Watch. Late to the game, intentional some say, Apple showed what craftsmanship is all about. One thing for sure, the watch looks good. Having tried the Moto 360, Fitbit Surge, Gear, Huawei and Microsoft Band, something was unusually missing from the unveiling. In times past, the first iPhone and the first iPad, when introduced, left you wanting to purchase first chance. Not so with the Apple Watch, feels more of a take it or leave it and of course, many will buy, just because.

With wearables expanding and manufacturers like Garmin bringing quality devices to market, is there today, a clear leader. So the direction to go for some consumers was unclear as the thoughts were of that Apple would ride in and show us all what a wearable device could do and how it should look. Having tried the various wearables aforementioned, Apple has been and no doubt will again, attempt to make the argument that they have the answers to what we consumers want. Android wearables during my use, didn’t provide that no-kidding compelling reason to keep my phone in the pocket. The mili-seconds of time saved twisting the wrist vice pulling out my phone provided no justification of spending the hard earned dollar for something to provide 25% capability of the phone.

The Moto 360 certainly held the trophy for best looking smart watch, I’d argue that Withings with their latest Activité could have held that trophy atop their mantle, but Huawei swooped in. However, the Apple Watch looks really good, Apple is no doubt, tops when it comes to design. Function seems aplenty as they’ve entered the market with at minimum, 1000 apps. Want debate the price, Apple = expensive.

Fast forward to 2018, leaning into 2019, I’d say that Apple has taken the top spot with the latest Apple Watch, #4. WearOS has fallen asleep at the wheel and Samsung, well, they got many raving Tizen, which I’m a huge fan of and their watches do look good, “stay round my friend”. Apple went after the health market strong, smart move, ECG etc on your wrist, brilliant.

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