Just a “Note” to All, Pay Attention!

Samsung-Galaxy-Note7-black-onyxMy how fast time flies…Just four (4) years ago, Samsung introduced the world to a large device for making calls, text and more. While few were quick to climb aboard the train, myself included, many offered much criticism, that criticism also led to what was then, sarcastic name calling and the eventual labeling of the Note 2 as the “Phablet”.

Fast forward to 2016, that big device has jumped atop the smart phone industry as best of the best. From 2012 to today, we’ve seen a plethora of manufacturers bring to market, their versions of the now acceptable term, “Phablets”, recognizing that Samsung with their forward thinking, was onto something as they watched sales and interest do nothing but grow and grow, year after year. As for myself, spending a solid two (2) plus years with the Note 2, I jumped ship to other big devices, such as the Lumia 1520, Nexus 6P and the Apple 6 Plus. Once I’d gotten bitten by the “Phablet” sized devices, there was no going back to anything smaller, evident in my time with the Samsung S6 Edge, good device but was just too small.

So, here we are today, seventeen (17) days after Samsung introduced the Note 7, this Phablet is breaking past pre-orders of Samsung devices, vaulting to the best ever, 200,000 plus pre-orders within the first forty-eight (48) hours. Many this week are taking delivery of their shiny new Note 7s and it’s quite clear from the many positive comments throughout the various forums, Samsung has hit a home run. There are, as usual, plenty of YouTube videos and articles highlighting the specs, for those new to the Note 7, rather than list them all, I’ll provide a link Note 7, courtesy of CNET.

One could argue that Samsung has become the number one (1) smart phone maker, supplanting Apple’s reign as top-dog. We’ve watched Samsung bring edges, pens, improved iris scanner, and soon, flexible screens to the smart phone market, while Apple, outwardly is presenting comfort in being a follower vice the innovator they once were. No, this is not a bash article, but a reflect of the optics that Apple and Samsung have put before us with the visions displayed.

Previous Samsung devices have faired tremendously well in the market place and many months back you can find articles speaking of Samsung’s rise. The Note 7 was expected to do well, but even Samsung admitted surprise when pre-orders hit all-time highs. One could look at different moments and say, this was when or that was when. However, it’s not far fetched to think we’ll look back to the Note 7 launch and say, that was when Samsung cemented themselves as the leader/innovator atop the smart phone market.

Is this a cyclical market where frequent change at the top is seen as each manufacturer intros their tech newness? For sure, if nothing else, even though the Note 7 is not revolutionary, but if the high sales and positive feedback  incline are continuing coupled with just enough of the right stuff, as the title infers, “Pay Attention”.

What’s your thoughts?


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