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Nexus6PThe Google Nexus 6P, made by Huawei, is by far the best Nexus phone to date. Arguably, if you’re first and foremost, an Android fan, one could easily put the 6P as the best Android phone to date.

I’ve owned the 6P since day one of availability and I’ll add that this is my first Nexus smartphone. Months later, I’ve quickly come to the realization that the Nexus line of devices are definitely the way to go. This article is being written on the orig Pixel, and if you own one, you surely can relate to my thoughts. Back to the 6P, since owning, I’ve gone through brief periods of switching daily drivers, using the iPhone 6P and Samsung 6 Edge. Those moments of switcheroo don’t last long as I’m quickly back to calling Sprint and re-activating. The one and only dislike to date of the 6P is its slippery in the hand, case or cover is a must.

Otherwise, the 6P is “solid”! There are many sites listing specs, so, I’ll spare listing and provide a link (Nexus 6P)¬†to¬†Google’s store for your viewing pleasure. This phone is fast, the 3GB of LPDDR4 slashes in and out of apps with zero lag. The display is marvelous, easy on the eyes and viewing angles are sharp to include outdoor viewing. I purchased the 128GB version in white (sharp looking), so I’m not missing the SD card, like many, the majority of my holdings are in the cloud. I’ve been a long time fan of Nova launcher and at times, install and use, primarily for home screen configuring and removal of the app drawer white background. Using the out of box Google Now launcher is super nice as well though, so if you’re all-in with the Google eco, you want be disappointed.

Frequent updates and guarantee of receiving the latest op system(s) when available devoid the carrier and/or manufacturer wait time is huge. More than that, it provides a sense of security in knowing you’ve got a device that is built with longevity in mind, ala Google Pixel. The fingerprint sensor on the 6P is just wicked fast and having it on the back as opposed to the front evokes a more normal use as the fingers are there and you needn’t have to make an effort as with the IOS and other Android devices of today for applicable functionality.

The camera is really really good, low-light pictures are better than what I see on my 6+. With the new feature in Marshmallow called “Doze”, you’ll easily get through a work-day with ease. Doze ensures min drain occurs when phone is idle. A typical day for myself includes a min of 1 hour in-car with Waze (nav etc) and TuneIn (music & more) running, updates via social sites running in the background and calls / texts throughout the day. By the time I’m ending my day / pulling up to the house, I’m still showing 40-50% battery remaining, nice. Pictured below is today’s (non-workday) stat since off charger @ 7AM.

Screenshot_20160326-181710 Screenshot_20160326-181746

Look, I could go on and on about this phone, listing many more reasons why I highly recommend it. This 6P opinion article is not intended to bash other devices, but simply to reflect my experiences with a device, feeling safe in saying you too, would enjoy owning.

Have one, share your thoughts! On the fence of buying, leave a comment with questions!