If Apple Were A Politician

It’s 2016, nearing the end of March and we’re deep in the process of determining whom will represent their respective parties for the opportunity to become the next Commander in Chief, President of these United States.

The candidates are vying for our votes, some will say pandering, shifting platforms catering to their respective audiences. Thinking about Apple’s history from out-in-front leader in tech to now, follower of tech, no more an innovator. With that in mind and the just released 9.7″ iPad Pro along with the rhetoric flowing about from the candidates, somehow, I got to wondering, what kind of a politician would Apple be.


Apple got the tech ball rolling with the iPhone and through it’s popularity, the company gained a strong and loyal following. Tags were thrust upon those followers, like fan-boys, which reminds me of the tag applied to President Clinton loyalist, friends-of-Bill. Apple’s mantra has always been one of building tech the way they think is best for the user, not allowing for configuring to one’s own taste, such as seen with Android devices.

So if Apple were a politician, would it be one for the people with a mindset towards democracy for all or one of dictator, controlling every aspect of. If you review the company’s history, I’d say the latter would fit Apple with ease. This is just a short sharing of thought, to spark conversation / debate.

What’s your thoughts?



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