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Much of the churn over Samsung’s new S6 line has been over the loss of both the Micro-SD Card and ability to remove/replace battery. Well, the latter capability exists, it’s found on page 138 of Samsung’s manual.

XDA Developers forum members discovered and be-forewarned, Samsung clearly states that removing the battery should be done by your service provider or an authorized repair agent. Any damage done, will not be covered by the warranty.

For future buyers of the S6 line, place this in your favorite Reader in the event down the road you feel the inkling to take on the challenge. Not personally recommended!

The steps:

1. Remove the SIM card tray from the device before starting battery removal

2. Remove the back cover

3. Loosen and remove the screws that line the perimeter of the device

4. Remove the circuit board (pictured above)

5. Disconnect the battery connector

6. Remove the battery


PDF Manual

DISCLAIMER: Attempting this on your own is doing so at your own risk, and I (Tech~Nificant) am not responsible for any damage to your phone.