Virtual Reality and Your Health

Virtual RealitySeems of late, every turn of corner reveals a new virtual reality device. A wearable that’s truly indicative of the term “wearable”, headgear. I’ve yet to get my hands on one, presentations have highlighted that they’re light on the head, stated by Samsung at this week’s Mobile World Conference (MWC). Usually when efforts go to highlight a negative that’s flavored as a positive, bells should sound.

Remember the early days of 3D and the health issues that reared? People complaining of headaches, nausea and blurred vision. While 3D is still around, it didn’t take off as expected, one would wonder if those health concerns will result in 3D going away. Arguments have been made of using the passive variant over the active, being a healthier choice.

Will virtual reality, particular these head wearing devices see similar fate(s)? There have been complaints of motion sickness being associated with virtual reality . While the new head wearing devices don’t seem as clunky, you’ve have to think that after some period of time, headaches and maybe becoming disoriented could occur.

Motion sickness at it’s worse is no fun, we’ve seen even the simplest of things be a cause. Riding in a car and reading triggers motion sickness in some and it doesn’t stop there. We should beĀ confident in the research that’s been poured into this new crop of gear and hope for the best. Surely, the industry has set standards to avoid outbreaks and ultimately find themselves spending time in courtrooms defending lawsuits.

One of the disadvantages seen in the tech world is when the race is on to get to market first, corners get cut and the unfortunate results are filtered to the consumer. On a positive note, virtual reality isn’t new to 2015, it’s been around for many a years and studied in great detail.

Like anything; time will tell. As consumers all we can do is educate ourselves best can. We’re fortunately to live in an era where information can be obtained both quickly and with ease.

What are your thoughts? Issue or Not?


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