OK Apple, I Get It.

Free-Apple-HD-WallpaperThe year was 2007 and I remember being all-eyes as Apple introduced the iconic iPhone. Like many, the anticipation leading up to the event was high and eventually, the iPhone itself lived up to the hype. Being the first to market and for a period, alone with zero competition, Apple maintaining king of the throne status, easy.

Fast forwarding time, other manufacturers, mostly through emulating, drew worthy attention and provided alternatives to. Choice as you know, in any market, is a win win for the consumer. Google, with the Android mobile OS starting take shape, sure there were plenty of hiccups, but for me, the device that made me jump ship was the Galaxy Note 2. Android was pretty mature, Samsung was offering a new (big phone) and a stylus, thus S-Pen all wrapped nicely in one attractive looking device. Sign me up that!

This too, highlighted what was lacking with the iPhone, the ability to configure to your liking vice the here it is mantra offered from Apple. And how easy was it to toss a ROM in the mix and get even greater customization. Sure, I’d jail-broke my iPhone aplenty back then, but it was tedious and there wasn’t much you could do and even then, at the end of the day, it still looked like all others. That Note 2 was my daily driver for 2 solid years, still own it today. Post the Note, I decided to give Windows Phone a try, spending nearly a year with the Lumia 1520, grabbed the OnePlus One when it became available and finally the iPhone 6 Plus. During this time, it wasn’t all just phones, tablets were bought and sold; each iPad from 1 to Air first gen, both Nexus 7s, 9 and 10, Samsung Note 8, 10.1s, 12.2 and Tab S 8.4, MSFT Surface 2, Pro 3 and lastly the Dell Venue 8 Pro.

Recalling that period when the world took notice of the innovation being packed into Android devices, thanks largely to Samsung and Apple moving to the rear, assuming the role of the follower, the Apple road looked bleak. Fast forward to the release of the Air 2 and the iPhone 6 line, with reserve, I took the plunge, outwardly they looked the same old Apple goodness with spec bumps here and there.  The Air 2 purchased was of the 128gb variety and that device is what led to the “I Get It” moment.

Light, great battery life, functional, eye-pleasing applications and that Apple mantra, it just works. I want include in this article the many other reasons I now get it, and no, I’m not an Apple fan-boy. Just maybe, the many that buy what Apple makes have had their “I Get It” moment as to why they keep buying and buying, refusing to switch. It’s refreshing to pick up your tablet after a couple of days and see only 1-2% battery decrease. It’s refreshing to see frequent app updates that include more than just bug fixes. I’m a huge Android fan, the reason I’ve had so many Android devices, but there’s always that something; poor build quality, software that affects the experience and apps that just aren’t on par with IOS.

After spending many years and dollars running away from Apple’s tightly controlled OS and devices that have seen minimal appearance change, the Air 2 showed me the light. “I Get It’!

Have you had similar experiences yourself? Maybe your “I Get It” moment was Apple to Android and experiencing the freedom of configuring etch.


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