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News360Apps apps apps. They’ve become a necessity in our mobile lives. Rather than head to a website, it’s just simpler and in some cases, quicker, to click that app. On what will become a recurring post, here is Tech~Nificant’s Android app spotlight

There’s nothing like a good news app that is not only functional, but pleasing to the eye. News360 simply answers the bell, delivering on all facets. It’s loaded with 36 recommended topics from top stories to paranormal and if you’re looking for a particular topic, type it in and it’ll be placed across the top with the others you’ve selected, for easy access. 

While reading an article, a tap on the yes or no thumb button, News360 will learn your reading and deliver those topics relevant to your liking. When desiring to share an article, every app on your device to include WI-FI direct that supports pushing or saving appears in the dialogue box. 

The sources for the articles are many, ranging from hundreds to thousands. Once an article is opened, you’re presented the full reading and a continue button that’ll take you to a source pre-fetched website. Text or web view is available for every article. 

All the aforementioned features are easily accessible without even opening an article. You can like or not like, see sources, and share by swiping up or down on the article. Lastly, it’s just one good looking app, optimized to its fullest for tablets, whether it’s a 7′ or 12″. 

The developers are constantly updating the app, ensuring it’s fresh and functional with the latest Android releases. Many often complain that IOS apps look and perform better than Android apps. Not the case with News360, aside from obvious tablet layouts between the two, News360 looks and functions the same on both.

Free @ the Google PlayStore

Give it a try, share your thoughts.