12.2″ Display. Hit or Miss?

Note12.2The Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 entered the market in some ways, just as the Galaxy Note, with praise and criticism. Most, if not all of the criticism to date has been directed at the display size of 12.2″ with cost hot on the heels. Let’s talk display.

Having had the Note Pro for 15 days, there are two things that stand out, the size and the absolutely sharp looking display. Recalling my time with the original Note Smartphone, by this time, the size was a non-factor, like a referee that’s seen but not heard. I’ll admit, while the 2500 x 1600 resolution renders a very nice viewing experience, I’m still seeing the size awkward. At times I see myself consciously seeking the right way to hold it, which was an afterthought on smaller tablets.

Samsung tosses in a gracious mix of software, from the Magazine UX (Flipboard) to Hancom office suite, which makes full use of the 12.2 real estate. The software functions and looks so good, the 12.2″ seems to fade away.

Sometimes in this mad tech world of ours, appears the first reviews to hit the airwaves are negative, trying to be first in line to say I told you so. Yes, I’ve said the size is awkward and yes, I’ve said there are moments when it’s just right. When you think about it, doesn’t that apply to most of the tech we open our wallets to? No matter how good the build or how plentiful the gadgets, there are days when you say to yourselves; why did I?

No matter the likes or dis-likes one has for Samsung and their products, you have to give it to them that they’ve now become the leader, the company out in front that’s taking bold steps in the tech-offerings they bring to market. What tablet can multi-task with 9 (4 multi-window & 5 pop-ups) apps opened and functioning? The S-Pen just gets better and better with each iteration; Top-notch specs throughout; Very decent pixel count / resolution and software that speaks of productivity while allowing for enjoying of consumption at its best.

So why ask the question is the 12.2″ display a hit or miss? I say, one needs not ask it, because the Note Pro is one sound device top to bottom. Steve Jobs once said, Apple makes the products it does because they know what we the consumer wants. At every unpacking event, Samsung seems to ensure they drive the point home that they’re making devices, largely in part to the feedback we the consumers provide.

Anytime a first of something hits the market, the responses are all over the place. For the many of you that own this tablet. Now that you’ve had time with it, experienced the so-called negative(s). What’s your thoughts? Are you feeling good about the purchase? Is the big display here to stay?

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