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MWC2014-2Well, it’s Friday morning and this years MWC is come and gone. A highly anticipated event each year, with many looking forward to the next innovation to lead into the tomorrow of tech goodness. For most, MWC 2014 didn’t disappoint. I’d like to take a moment and focus on two companies, Samsung and Nokia.

Samsung: Last year I composed an article (Will Tizen Doom Google or Samsung) as rumors abound that Tizen would make its way onto a mainstream Samsung device, wondering whom, Google or Samsung would be negatively impacted by such a move. Fast forward to MWC 2014 and those rumors have been realized in the announced Gear 2. These past months, we’ve seen Samsung step outside the proverbial Google (Android) box, first with the Mag UX and now Tizen.

Google has been working hard to resolve it’s fragmentation issue, promptly showed their displeasure and requested Samsung pull back the reins, so to speak, on this heavy blanket laid upon stock Android. So how does Samsung follow that up, they remove Android from the Gear line altogether. Samsung at the same time, has been working on building their own app store while talk has surfaced that developers are eagerly looking to build for Tizen.

So, what statement, if any, is Samsung making? Is this Samsung using their worst selling device to test the Tizen waters? Readying themselves to break away from Android. More so, as witness the emphasis being put on their own app store, one can see that Samsung wants Apple-like devices. Their device, their operating system, their apps forefront with third party players and more importantly, their control 100 %. Samsung has shown, they’ll toss a first of it’s kind device on the market to their biggest R & D audience, the end user, as they say during each unpacking, they are listening to the consumers.

Nokia: One thing you can say for Nokia, they’ve always made great hardware and you can make an argument that their apps are equally, top-notch. With the many ups and downs they’ve gone through over the past years, they’re just now expressing their vows as the marriage with Microsoft is now. Microsoft has been working diligently to make it’s Windows Phone line of devices, respectable, hoping to broach the market share dominated by Apple, Samsung and Google.

Getting a brand such as Nokia on board would, or should go far to helping Microsoft’s push to that desired growth, faster. Maybe, maybe not. We’ll save that discussion for another article. So, on the heels of I-dos being passed back and forth, Nokia introduces a line of Smartphones, surprise surprise, no Windows operating system, its Android. While not directly stating their discouragement, Microsoft’s undertones certainly indicated they weren’t thrilled at all.

You’ll recall, shortly after the news broke, there was much frustration within Nokia on both, the purchase by Microsoft and no Nokia Android device. Not doing so well on the hardware front, making Android devices was seen as the smarter move over joining Microsoft. Questions abound on what’s to be of tomorrow and just what will Microsoft do with a line of Android devices in their stables.

We’ve had a front row seat to the painful, almost non-existent relationship between Google and Microsoft, evident in the lack of Google’ apps on Window’s Phones. I say “almost non-existent” because there is one Google app on Windows Phone, Search. Just like many of our reactions, appears Microsoft was caught off-guard, didn’t know they were getting Android.

What statement or statements, is Nokia making? Are they saying, hey Microsoft, we’re glad to be aboard, but not too thrilled with your OS. Or, is this nothing more than just a one-time toss to those hard working Nokia employees of yesterday that wanted a Nokia Android device?

Bottom-line, Samsung and Nokia have for sure, ruffled the feathers of Google and Microsoft, in a bad way. It’s going to be very interesting to see how this plays out, and yes, we’ll be watching.

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