Galaxy Note 10.1~2014 Round Two

gNote 10.1 2014Last month, Oct 11th, I raced to the local Bestbuy and grabbed Samsung’s latest addition to the tablet family, the 2014 Note 10.1. The 11th was a Friday, great thing about buying gadgets on a Friday, you’ve got the whole weekend to play. So how’d it go you say? Let’s talk a minute.

First and foremost, having owned the original Note 10.1 , I was extremely pleased with the in-hand feel. The overall build, while still using plastics throughout, the faux leather look somehow magically gave the impression in both appearance and feel that it wasn’t plastic.

The specs Samsung tossed in this iteration, awesome. By now you know them, same as what you’ll find in the Note 3. It was really nice to see the 3gb of memory show up, if you’re going to lead, then lead. The display, being it was same as last years Nexus 10, is not a bad thing but its interesting Samsung didn’t go a few pixels further.

Samsung whether you agree to disagree, seems to always produce forward leaning products, evident the software and features packed in their devices. We all were introduced to the S-Pen and multi-tasking way back when. Must say, the October devices packed a gaggle of nicely revamped innards to include the airview, magazine and S-Note to name a few. Atop all of that, Samsung packaged a bundle of goodies from Playstore credits to free Bloomberg subscriptions. The total of goodies hit the $600 mark, well done.

So, the first weekend went well, found myself really enjoying this tablet. After a week had gone by, I brought out the Nexus 10 an iPad 4 to do some side by sides. Kept them locked away so I’d be forced to use nothing but the 10.1. After some side by sides, I was still impressed with the 10.1, feeling like Samsung had really hit a home run this go round. As I neared my 14 day play period, something began to happen. That quality feeling started going away, don’t know if it was because the iPad may have prejudiced my thinking. Then all of sudden the apps became an issue, tablet optimized apps to be specific. This for sure, I can say the iPad 4 played a part in this area of churn. When Apple execs say iPad apps are beautiful and functional with ease, they are right.

So yes, I returned the best tablet on the market because of the one thing that hurts these awesome Android tabs are the apps. I’ve written other articles regarding, so I want beat that drum again. Google is now adding a tablet section to the Playstore and Twitter released a tablet optimized app, albeit for the 10.1, soon to hit all. Maybe those two actions will ratchet up the heat to more optimized apps like News 360, to mention one.

In the title of this story are the words, “Round Two”. This weekend I invited the 10.1~2014 back into our home, it obliged only after I coughed up the cash. Didn’t feel I gave it a thorough opportunity to call our home, his home. After the three updates and putting aside the lack of tablet apps, I’m really liking this tablet. The reported lag was no doubt software related, this tablet now zips screen to screen, opening apps and more, all without the aid of Nova launcher. Just before last nights charge, battery use read one day twenty-two hours and change with twenty % remaining.

In summary, I feel strongly that this is the best tablet on the market. I’ve spent some time with the iPad Air and the weight (one pound) is awesome. However, if it’s consumption and productivity you’re looking for, this tablet has it. I’ll say it, the apps will get better and the 10.1~2014 is built to take you well into 2015.  If you’re on the tablet hunt, all retail outlets offer some kind of return period, give it a spin.

What’s your thoughts on the 10.1~2014? Do you think it’s the best tablet on the market? Leave a comment, let’s chat regarding.


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