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TABLETS-SMARTPHONESWell, October is here and that means a couple of things. One, we’ve pretty much seen all the tech goodies past, present and those in the release pipeline. Two, it’s soon time to dawn those costumes of choice and hit the streets in search of sweet goodness. Hmm, wonder if there will be KitKats sporting Android goodness handed out this Halloween.

OK, I think we all can agree, 2013 has been pretty good year for tech, manufacturers brought to market, some awesome devices pleasing to every segment of the market. At the same time, we saw the falling of once kings of tech as others captured the mighty imaginations introducing features and specs, captivating the masses.

I’ll admit, I made my share of purchases this year and while some remain apart of the family, others didn’t make it. And now we sit on the brink of another holiday season, wondering what if any new device will make way to our happy abodes. However, for some reason, the excitement is tamed, almost a, I’m happy with what I’ve got feeling. Why is that?

Could be that for the last couple of days, the airwaves were full of government shutdown bickering, which became reality or maybe we’ve been tech overloaded and reached a point of, give me a break. Then, just as we’re settling in on the tech of now / today, leaks of 2014 goodies appear.

Will this feeling last, who knows. Something simple as a visit to the local Bestbuy and putting hands on the latest tech and before I know it, I’m all in. So tell me;

Are you on a tech break too? Maybe you’ve already hit the wall and climbed over.TEch Break

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