Well well, the “Gear” has made it’s debut. Are you impressed with what you saw? Has Samsung become the undisputed leader in wearable tech?

Bringing it’s wrist device to market behind the Pebble and Sony’s smartwatch while sharing the week with Qualcomm’s Toq, Samsung may have shown the world that they are indeed, the best mobile device maker. The Gear by no means is what the iPhone was when it hit the shelves, a game changer, but it may be hard to argue that wearables just took a big leap.

A device worn on the wrist with features such as a 1.9-megapixel camera, speaker, and microphones while boasting smartphone like capabilities of handling notifications, music playback control and lastly, providing time. This is Dick Tracey realized, 2013 style. Samsung hits the floor running with 70 plus apps with headliners like Evernote, Pocket and Path to name a few.

A couple of cons regarding the Gear are the price of $299 and that it only works with a handful of Galaxy devices. It would have been nice to see this come in under $200 vice a price that one pays for most full fledge smartphones when on contract with carriers. I think it’s cool, having the ability to see notifications etc. on your wrist, particularly for those times when the phone is not within arms reach, just not feeling the out of pocket cost of being able to remain sofa glued.

Secondly, for now it’s only compatible with the just announced gNote 3 and 10.1 2014 edition tablet, future updates to the S3, S4 and gNote 2 are planned for October. Bottom line, if you’re not rocking one of those devices, look elsewhere. With such a promising smartwatch, why not open it up to all Android devices running the latest OS at min. Is there anything more than the mere bluetooth connection required / needed? Is this a part of Samsung’s future Tizen OS plan? One company, one operating system across all their devices, Ala Apple-like.

Again, Samsung came out swinging and has brought a pretty good smartwatch to market. What’s your thoughts? Are you “Gear”ed up?

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