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Back in 2012 when this beast of a tablet came out, I made the purchase. Wasn’t long after hands on that I returned it, why? App optimization was to blame, otherwise, I thought Samsung and Google had done well in bringing a very nice tablet to market. Fast forward to August 2013, because of a couldn’t pass up online deal, a brand new 32GB Nexus 10 is once again, in-house. You’ve heard the news of a 2013 edition lurking in the near months, waiting to meet us all. Let’s talk a minute…

Just as my first foray with this tablet, I’m impressed and now, pleasantly pleased to see Android tablet apps have greatly improved. But, we’re not here to discuss apps are we? With all the rumors in the air surrounding the supposed 2013 edition, I wondered, should I have waited? Also, what about the many of you that have the current version, will you be tempted? We’re all geeks, of course we’ll be tempted, the real question is, tempted enough to upgrade?

Now, as those thoughts roll about, I get the latest Android 4.3 update, the second 4.3 update not the first from 4.2. Advertised to be a simple security update, there must have been a fresh shot of that old Jelly Bean buttery goodness in the update because my Nexus 10 feels and performs incredibly fast. I’ve gone from happy to happier.

We all have our desires or expectations of what an update to a device should be and we can probably agree on a few them. In no particular order; a faster processor, better display and build. With some devices, that alone might be enough to warrant an upgrade, but I feel the 2012 Nexus 10 was built with staying power.

For discussion sake, let’s just say the new Nexus 10 was leaked to have the aforesaid improvements. What if, in addition to those, one of these features or specs was also announced; 4G LTE, micro SD capability, 12 megapixel camera on the back, thinnest tablet, water resistant or up to 128GB of memory to name a few.  I’m thinking one of those “might” do it for me, but what about you?

What would be your number four (4) improvement to warrant “moving on up”?