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2013 has brought some pretty sweet devices to market across the board. Up to now, appears those releases were just a warm up to next month, September. Based on rumours and confirmed releases, the mobile battle is surely intensifying as manufacturers battle for our wallets.

Just after most of us will have enjoyed a long weekend, courtesy of Labor Day. Samsung will get things started September 4th in Berlin with a Samsung Mobile Unpacked Episode, debuting the long awaited Galaxy Note 3. The released / rumoured specs for this beast of a phone have been pretty impressive, faster processor with improved battery technology, awesome camera experience and the latest version of Android. In addition, the Samsung Gear Smartwatch will be introduced. The renderings and videos depicting this smartwatch look pretty good and if Samsung hits a homerun first time at bat, we may quickly find Samsung as the standard setter for smartwatches.

Sony will be unveiling the Honami, competing with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom and the Nokia Lumia 1020. The Honami will boast a point-and-shoot camera sized sensor along with 20.7 megapixels of power, Sony G lens, optical image stabilization, and waterproofing capabilities.

Not to be outdone in the hype machine, Apple’s next smartphone (s) 5S and 5C will take center stage September 10th for their world intro. Physically, the 5S will share the outerlings of the previous iPhone except that Apple will dip this bad-boy in a bucket of champagne gold, yes, a new color. Fingerprint scan, dual LED flash, camera sporting 13 megapixels and possibly, storage increased to 128 GB. The 5C will be a low-budget iPhone offering with more color offerings. The 5C will be made of plastic, oh my, a plastic iPhone, yes. Specs won’t be earth shattering, probably close to what’s seen on the current iPhone, which isn’t all that bad. If Tim Cook is wearing long sleeves, starts talking he’s hot and begins rolling up a sleeve, here comes the Apple smartwatch.

Let’s not get into who’s behind this next device, LG or Motorola. Google with their stock Android experience at low price points have been the big draw to the Nexus series of smartphones. Nexus 5 will undoubtedly continue and maybe grow in it’s appeal to those seeking high-end devoid high price. Rumoured features include a 1080p HD display, quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor and 4G LTE.

Along with those smartphones, there are some equally anticipated tablets that might show themselves at one of those events or later in the month. The iPad 5, iPad Mini 2 (?), Samsung Galaxy Note 12 (wow) and the Nexus 10 2013 (?).

Which manufacturer (s) will end September feeling good?