OPPO R819: Stock Android or OPPO’s Color ROM? You Choose.

Weighing in at just 110 grams, OPPO today announced the launch of the R819, touted as one the thinnest and lightest smartphones in the world, the R819 packs a sharp display, long-lasting battery life, and wide aperture camera into an ultra-thin 7.3 mm frame.

The R819 uses One-Glass Solution (OGS) for it’s 4.7″ screen. OGS touch panel uses a single piece of glass as both cover lens and sensor substrate, its integrates the touch sensor into the cover lens in order to reduce the material cost, thickness and weight of the device. Bottom line; better viewing angles and more space for content.

Specifications and features links are below, but one option being offered with the R819 that certainly for now, separates this smartphone from others. OPPO is giving the end user the option to choose between stock Android (4.2.1) for the pure Google experience as you know it or OPPO’s own Color ROM, soon to be available, which like Android, will receive frequent firmware updates.

Pre-orders start today at the OPPO Style website, ships September for Europe and U.S. markets.

Source: OPPO


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