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I’m sure you’re all aware of the ongoing privacy / surveillance issues being brought to light over recent months. Last month, Google filed a brief in response to a class-action lawsuit and there is a particular sentence that’s getting much attention. “A person has no legitimate expectation of privacy in information voluntarily turned over to third parties”

When I read that line, it got me thinking. Do I have any expectation that an email I send is only read by the recipient? First and foremost, not really sure I think about it or maybe I or we are so devoid a thorough understanding of just what happens when we hit send, we don’t dwell on it. With all the talk of big brother doing this and that in the name of security; should we care? Or, like that old Bobby McFerrin tune, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”, we should take that stance.

Day in an day out, from loved ones, friends and co-workers, we all at some time have received an email talking about how your personal information is getting out, risk of being hacked or phished. First time I heard the term phishing directed towards me, I went running for my rod and reel, ready to go catch a big one.  Don’t know about you, but I’ve deleted the greater percentage of those emails once the contents were realized.

Even before the internet boom, personal info was being hacked or stolen, then it was simply stealing mail from your mailbox. Personally, I’m no stand on the pedestal type, spouting privacy concerns. However, when big companies goes public with certain comments, it gets you to thinking, doesn’t it. Not in the defend mode, but Google says that Gmail is an Electronic Communication Service (ECS) that “must” scan emails sent to and from their systems in order to provide us the services they offer. Alright then…

What’s your thinking on this?

Do you have expectations that your emails are read only by those in the to and / or cc line?