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Well, we’ve all been looking towards Samsung’s Sept 4th event in Berlin, where the much anticipated Galaxy Note 3 is to make its debut. But wait, there’s more…

Latest water-cooler whispers are pointing towards the rumored Galaxy Gear smartwatch being introduced also. With nearly three (3) weeks of the event, not much has hit the streets about it other than the name and that it’s coming. If the above image is spot on, it’s not a bad looking smartwatch. Is this showing off their flex technology?

We can debate the good and bad of Samsung’s current crop of mobile devices, but I’d say, at the end of the day, they’re pretty darn good. Will that R & D awesomeness filter into the Gear smartwatch? We’ll know soon. Keep us dialed-in, we’ll stay attuned, covering “leaks” leading up to Sept 4th and of course, the event itself.