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Motorola as we all know, just released the Droid series of smartphones followed-up closely with the much anticipated Moto X. Soon after, Nexus 5 whispers once again took center stage, but with a little surprise. Motorola is apparently chartered with bringing to life, the Nexus 5, not LG. So naturally, the assumptions began, Moto X just released, aha, there’s your Nexus 5. No ma’am, it’ll be a whole new device, nothing like the Moto X. Identity crisis is defined as a period of intense exploration of different identities. Let’s chat a moment….

Quarter 4 and the biggest shopping seasons are just around the corner. It’s August, surely Motorola and Google have something fabulous planned for the Nexus 5, how could they not? When announced that the next iteration would be unlike the Moto X, makes you wonder who’s got the greater influence, Motorola or Google. Just maybe, Google was totally hands off the Moto X build, while making it clear, the Nexus 5 will have its own identity.

You’ll recall, by the time of release, we pretty much knew everything about Moto X, instead of an event, Motorola could have just sent a memo to the world saying; Yep, what you’ve heard about Moto X, it’s true and we’re releasing it today, now go get one! To add fuel to the fire, latest news is that Moto X will be sold in the Google Play store as is, with all the bells, whistles and bloat.

So what can we expect to see from Motorola and Google in quarter 4? With so little time remaining; just how far can Motorola steer away from Moto X with the Nexus 5? We’ll just have to wait and see. What would you like? Perhaps you prefer LG to keep the baton or pass it Sony.

Do you believe the entirely new device rumors? Are we front seat, observing an identity crisis playing out with the Motorola Nexus? Thoughts?