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What a busy last couple of “tech” weeks it’s been, new devices from smartphones to tablets, a Jellybean update and IOS 7 beta 4 release. Thinking about the hardware, I like thousands rushed out and made a purchase. Days later, I’m wondering, why?

The wonder isn’t because of a dislike or regret but more of a reflection into this industry that has captivated the masses in such a way that we track gadgets from first rumor to release and from city to city as it’s en route our doorsteps. For those that run down to the local retailer, then it’s an every so often peak and bag grab as we’re heading home to unbox.

As we’re booting and setting up, we glance at our other devices, of course it varies from one dwelling to the other, but there are many of us with multiple tablets and phones. Let’s not forget the laptops and desktop sitting close at hand as well. That said; what is it that makes us buy again? OK, let’s come up with some reasons: Successor to the original, stopped working, cool features, awesome specs, looks good, upgrade eligible, so old that it’s not supported and my neighbor bought one just to name a few. We each, in our own way use these reasons and others as we decide to open our wallets and buy.

Devoid the device stops working reason, what’s the real allure? What really get’s us to buy a device when we’ve got another that’s working perfectly well. Maybe it’s just as simple as wanting the latest,¬†people lease frequently to get the newest car. But for many, unlike leasing a new car, that old tech still resides in the household until we dust it off and out of kindness, give it a few hours of use. That’s the tech world “you’ve been replaced but not forgotten” syndrome.

Is it just me that has these sorts of thoughts? By no means am I seeking a sit-down with Dr. Phil or suggesting anyone needs to, we’ll keep buying, replacing and upgrading to our hearts content. It’s tech and we love it……

What’s your reasons? Why do you buy and buy again?