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OK, it’s now two (2) days since breakfast with Sundar and there’s probably a few of you out there rocking Android 4.3 on your Nexus device (s). Not being a Nexus owner, I’m in the waiting line for the update to hit my gNote2 and gNote 8. So let’s chat a bit and see if 4.3 is keeping the Jelly Bean (s) fresh or is it like an old bag of M & Ms, gone stale.

First, I’m not sure many of us had high expectations for this release and some probably don’t have a preference, could take it or leave it, particularly since we’re all peeking around the corner hoping to catch a glimpse of Key Lime Pie in all it’s glory. When Jelly Bean 4.1 was introduced last year, with its buttery smoothness, it set the mobile world ablaze. Fast forward to 24 July and..

We ask; What’s it all about? What’s it bringing to the table? We went from “Project Butter” to an “Even Sweeter Jelly Bean”. I don’t know about you, but at this stage of my life, more sugar, not good.

Android 4.3 features (not all inclusive):

  • Bluetooth Low Energy support: Devices can remain connected to a phone or tablet in very-low-power
  • OpenGL ES 3.0: Higher-quality visuals and deeper textures
  • Restricted access for profiles: Parents can pass tablet to kids knowing internet & app buying is restricted
  • Background WI-FI: WiFi off, device can silently scan for local networks, improving location acquisition

Sure, those features are nice upgrades, pleasing to both end users and developers alike, but where’s the “so what”? Not sure I can answer that, can you? Why did Google release 4.3? Was it to silence the masses, make us happy while we wait 5.0? For the most part, we’re happy with 4.2 and probably want an update more so because it’s been a while vice it’s really needed.

Overall, It’s probably those soon to ship Nexus 7 2013s and developers that will reap the benefits of 4.3. Hey, it’s an update, let’s stand and give Google a rousing applause for dropping something, there are no rules to how and when, we just want updates, right?

So, I’ll end where I began; two days later, Android 4.3, “Big Deal” or “No Deal”