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Hump Day, 24 July 2013. Grab your coffee, it’s breakfast time with Google’s Sundar Pichai. We’ve all speculated on the servings, speculate no more, let’s settle down and be served.

9:04 AM PDT Event just getting started, late. But news is out that Bestbuy, ahead of event is posting the new N7 for pre-order starting at $229.00.

9:07 AM PDT Today’s theme is “Open Everywhere, Just Works”

9:10 AM PDT Two devices being introduced, one Android and one Chrome

9:12 AM PDT Sundar predicts tablet sales will surpass PC sales by year’s end

9:13 AM PDT Almost one in two tablets sold worldwide are Android based

9:14 AM PDT Hugo Barra on stage

9:15 AM PDT The new Nexus 7 is 2mm thinner than the original, display size is unchanged

9:18 AM PDT Barra says the new Nexus 7 is the “world’s highest-resolution 7” tablet at 323ppi

Specs: Three models. 16GB Wi-Fi, 32GB Wi-Fi, and 32GB LTE. $229, $269, $349 respectively

-Front and rear-facing cameras. 1.2MP and 5MP

-Dual stereo speakers, with Fraunhofer virtual surround sound

-1920 x 1200 pixels. “True 1080p”

-50g lighter

-1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro and RAM is doubled to 2GB. 

-Dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0.

-Battery life is 9 hours of HD video and 10 hours of browsing

-Android 4.3, Jellybean

9:26 AM With Android 4.3, you can restrict apps at the user level. Parental controls to deny kids access to specific apps

9:28 AM Bluetooth smart , bluetooth low energy. Helpful when using fitness sensors

9:29 AM OpenGL ES 3.0 support for the game developers

9:34 AM New DRM, allows for hardware-based encryption for video. Netflix has an app in the Playstore capable of 1080P

9:36 AM Nexus device updates to starts today, Google Play Edition device updates are coming soon

App updates:

-Google Drive has a new tile layout and navigation drawer

-Chrome gives you full-screen as you scroll and Translate

-Collaborative editing with Hangouts and a document simultaneously

-New “Google Play Games” (available today) that list both games and your friends in a single screen, social and public leaderboards. 

-New textbook category in Google Play Books that will be available on the web and on Android with a comprehensive selection from five major textbook manufacturers. You can rent textbooks for six months.

9:50 AM PDT Sundar back on stage and is now discussing online videos, people aren’t really watching online videos on their TVs 

200+ billion videos are watched a month. 49.4% are Netflix + YouTube

15 percent of US households do it every week and Google has a solution “based on Chrome.” Chromecast

-Chromecast is a 2-inch dongle you plug into an HDMI input, power via USB and connect to home Wi-Fi

Once the Chromecast dongle is plugged in, go to YouTube in Chrome on your phone or latptop (beta)

10:05 AM PDT Chrome has a “cast” button now, on the top right. It “projects”the web page on the television

10:07 AM PDT Apps that support Chromecast are Netflix, Pandora and Google Play Music

10:10 AM PDT Chromecast works with Android, iOS, Chrome on Windows, Mac and Pixel

Chromecast dongle is available in the U.S. A. today at Google Play, Amazon and Bestbuy

10:15 AM PDT Event ends

Summary: New Nexus 7, Android 4.3 and Chromecast were introduced. Appears there’s no 7.2 or HD, just Nexus 7 (??). The LTE version is available for AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile.

Android 4.3 doesn’t look much different than 4.2, no surprises there as we’re all in hot standby for Key Lime Pie. Google Play Edition devices want see the update initially.

Chromecast seems interesting, It turns your phone or computer into a remote and streaming hub, allowing you to queue up and play videos, control volume, or even turn on the TV; from there, you can use other apps without interrupting playback. It will also continue playing even when your phone is asleep. If you’ve got the latest versions of Windows and/or Mac OS X, you’re Chromecast ready. For a limited time, it will come with three free months of Netflix.

Thanks to “The Verge” for stream an images.

That’s it…. Expectations filled? Pleased? Not enough? 

Your thoughts??