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Seven (7) days ago, Verizon sent out invitations to an unveiling of what most expected to be released, the new Droid lineup. Well, today’s the 23rd, it’s showtime…Let’s check the tech!

8:54 AM PDT Waiting to start. Earlier, a glimpse of a few round tables with Verizon logos was spotted

8:56 AM PDT Jeff Dietel, Verizon’s VP of marketing on stage. “Today we’re here to talk a bit more about Droid.”

8:57 AM PDT Talking 2009, when Droid was originally launched

8:59 AM PDT Droid MINI, Droid ULTRA and Droid MAXX introduced

ULTRA has 10 megapixel camera on the Ultra, 1080p video with a f2.4 lens. 3D pattern made of kevlar, thinnest smartphone available.

9:02 AM PDT Droid MINI, same power as ULTRA, just smaller. MAXX is 8.5mm thin, unibody and Gorilla Glass to be lighter, thinner and smaller

9:06 AM PDT Maxx is 8.5mm and runs for 48 hours.. WOW! All three phones have 24 percent faster CPU, 100 percent faster GPU, twice the RAM

9:07 AM PDT “Motorola X8 mobile computing system” — a new 8-core chip with 2 application processor cores, 4 graphics cores, a contextual computing core and a natural language processing core

9:08 AM PDT All three feature “touchless control,” You can make phone calls, get directions and search. Active display lights up just a portion of the display to save battery.

9:10 AM PDT Quick capture allows for photos to be taken instantly, “Droid Zap” it’s being called, lets you share with nearby phones with just a swipe

9:12 AM PDT If you’re an Ingress fan, it’s pre-loaded

PRICE PRICE PRICE >>>> Mini is $99, Ultra $199, Maxx $299..pre-order now, shipping August 20th

9:15 AM PDT Buy from now until September 30th will get you six months of free Google Music All Access

Events over, that was quick….let’s wrap-up:

Three new devices, MINI, ULTRA and MAXX priced at $99, $199 and $299 respectively. They’re thinner and the displays have that bright red familiar Droid background. The Ultra and Max come with 720p OLED displays and the Mini has LCD, that is also 720p. All three Droids were designed in the U.S. of A., but made in Asia.

Many thanks to “The Verge” for excellent coverage and images.

Impressed and ready to buy? Thoughts?