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Yes, it’s July, but like me, are you waiting with baited breath for the new smartphones and tablets arriving between now an end of the year?

For the past couple of months, I’ve had tech fever, that urge to go buy something new to replace perfectly good working tablets or Smartphones. Ooops, did the wife hear that? As July arrived and now nearly half-over, looking at what’s coming around the bend, figured I might as well tough it out, maintain the status quo.

So let’s take a hot moment and look at “some” of what’s headed to the market, noting that the list may include items not confirmed, but it’s nice to drool anyway. Starting with Smartphones; Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Moto X, HTC One Max, Sony’s Honami and Xperia Z Ultra, Nexus 5, and Apple’s 5S & 6. Tablets; Samsung Galaxy Note 10.2 or 12.2, Nexus 7.2 or HD, Nexus 10.2 or 11, ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity, iPad 5 and the HP Slatebook X2.

Are any of the aforementioned devices on your pick up list? When I pull out my list, the answer is yes. Having owned the Galaxy Note 2 for a good while, I’m looking forward to its air apparent, Note 3. While the others are tempting, if that Note 3 comes with the rumored flex screen, I’m all in. Tablet wise, it’ll be a toss-up between the Galaxy Note 10.2 or 12.2 and the Nexus 10.2 or 11.

Looking at tomorrow’s tech, no doubt there will be enough new goodness, whether it’s the build, features or specs to suit your taste that will make you hit the go button. 2013 has been a pretty good year so far, tech wise. However, the months ahead are shaping up to end the year with a big bang, like the last minute of a fireworks show when a constant barrage of impressiveness litters the skies.

What’s your next mobile device?