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Pop open your favorite calendar and check your availability on July 24th at 9 AM.

Android Central is reporting that invites from Google are hitting the airwaves for an event next week, the 24th. It’s a 9 AM event flavored as breakfast featuring Mr. Pichai. Hmm, wonder what’s being served? Green eggs and ham?

There’s been talk of the new 7 inch tablet being released this month (July) along with the latest update for Android, 4.3. Aside from that, your guess is as good as mine as to what else could be on the breakfast platter. Whatever’s being served, the world will be all eyes an ears, it’s Google.

(Image courtesy of androidcentral)

Update: Engadget has obtained internal OfficeMax documents indicating the next Nexus 7 will be released next week. The stores will receive shipments as early as the 20th, no word if they’ll sell prior to Google’s event on the 24th.

Stores, per the documents, will place the new Nexus 7s on the shelves right next to the original tablet. The documents also speak to a 32GB version, with a retail price of $269.99, no mention of 16GB. Stay tuned!

Update 2: androidcentral has an exclusive crop of first look pictures along with a video of what may be the new Nexus 7. Note; nothing official has been released to date, so as always, what you see and hear now may or may not be actual. Rumored specs are; 7-inch LCD display, front & rear camera, LTE and a processor from the Snapdragon S4 family. Below is one of the exclusive pictures and the video, both courtesy of androidcentral.