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angry-birds-star-wars-iiWell well, yesterday (15 July 2013), Rovio announced Angry Bird Star Wars II will be released for our gaming consumption on September 19th.

This release, like a blockbuster movie, will be presented worldwide across app stores. What goodies are locked up inside? Apparently, aplenty. For starters, new Angry Birds Star Wars characters, I should preface that with “never before seen” characters, of which you get to play with more than 30 of them. Also, along with those offerings, you’ll have access to a collection of over 30 collectable Telepod figures from Hasbro.

TELEPOD, what’s that? For the movie buffs among you, remember The Fly, starring Jeff Goldblum? Well, in that movie, TELEPODS were used to transport objects from one pod to another. For the game, simply place the figures of your choosing onto your device’s camera, then you scan that character and it’s magically placed in the game. Ok, that gets a wow!. This means you can select characters on The Fly, no pun intended. I guess there’s some strategy where having the ability to toss more capable characters in the game when unable to move forward is the premise behind that addition.

Rovio has tossed in more newness in this version; the ability to choose sides and for your info, the Emperor is recruiting. New toys, books and those Hasbro figures will go on sale the same day of release. No doubt as time passes leading up to 19 Sep, more announcements will come. Be sure to keep us dialed in for the latest.

You excited?

PS: Look for Return of the Jedi in the original Star Wars.