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BrowsersBrowsers browsers browsers…The software application that makes it possible for us to access information on the World Wide Web (WWW). Remember the days when Mosaic and Netscape were the rulers, soon to be followed by Microsoft with Internet Explorer.

Allow me to reflect a moment on Netscape before diving into todays offerings. For those that recall, didn’t you just love yourself some Netscape? It was fast and those pages just loaded with ease. And wasn’t it exciting waiting for the updates to roll out, you’d head over to their site to see if the latest version was ready for release. Ah, the good ole days.

Today, there are plenty of browsers available an unlike times past, for the most part, they’re all pretty good. Still, there is enough of a difference in how they provide and what extras they have, that the browser wars remain a constant. Browsers use engines to render pages, web-kitting, blinking, tridents and geckos all over the place to ensure those pages load just right. Heck, one browser will even take you off-road to improve the experience.

And browsers are more sophisticated, they are gateways to services to access files, photos and other private data that we once stored on external hard drives (some still do) or the computers themselves, space providing. Chrome the browser is also Chrome the Operating System (OS), the first in line to the plethora of Google services. Again though, they’re all pretty good; so how do you choose a daily driver?

For me, most of my computing is web based, so Chrome stands tall for that, but, I’m seeing and particularly on mobile devices that browser behavior really differs per device. Example; On my gNote 8, I sometimes have rendering issues and while a quick rotate to landscape resolves, it’s still a minor frustration, resulting in the search for a bug-free daily driver. I know, no such thing as bug-free. I usually find a replacement and because it’s new, it purrs like a fine-tuned engine, you brag about it to your friends and the next thing you know, you’re right back to old faithful.

Browsers are a necessity, yes. Even though we have our daily driver, some of us have multiple browsers, I do. What about you? Do you think that Chrome is the future and we’ll see more browsers fulfilling the role of OS?

So what’s your browser of choice, your daily driver?