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Google Play Tablet AppIf I were writing this article a year ago today, would you blame me if the first question to ask would be; When will the Play Store have a decent amount of quality or rather tablet optimized apps? There’s probably a segment of the tech populous that would say; Ask away, what’s changed from a year ago?

Were developers, Google and manufacturers not huddling enough to assure the right amount of focus was applied or being put on? One thing you’ll probably agree with, the quality of Android tablets has certainly taken a turn for the better, whether it’s stock Android or manufacturer laden user interfaces, all-in-all, they’re simply better. That said, why haven’t tablet optimized apps grown at the same pace?  You can agree to disagree, but those Google Inc apps sure do look good, hmm.

It’s probably safe to say, blame for the slow population of tablet optimized apps can’t solely be put on Google’s shoulders. They’ve pounded the drums with developers, providing them tools to aid their tablet app building process. Were those steps Google should have taken sooner than later?

I have a genuine respect for developers, I remember back in the programming days of basic language, my good friend and I loved playing games and thought, let’s create our own.  That lasted a short week, after writing hundreds of instructions for one small action, we agreed with zero haste that playing was more fun and rewarding. Have to ask though; Is it really that difficult to make A+ apps for Android like seen on IOS?

Today, when you peek inside the Play store, it’s evident, progress has been made, apps are getting better, but it just feels slow.

What are your thoughts?