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Schmidt-Moto-XLook what turned up. Eric Schmidt is apparently rocking one of the most talked about / hyped smart phones since Google and Motorola joined together in holy matrimony, the “Moto X”.

Ok, what’s visible? Camera, flash, speaker grill and the Motorola symbol. I must say, with just that view, looks pretty sharp, if you’re ok to judge a book by it’s “back” cover…lol.

Is this enough of a peek to get you excited? Does it change your mind to wait for the Moto X and bypass another phone that’s been tops your list? Some of the rumored specs to date haven’t been groundbreaking, it’s supposedly being released this summer as a mid-range device. Here’s an image of a black version seen at The Verge.

Well, there you have it folks, if Google’s chairman is sporting the goods, guess that makes it a “go”. C’mon Moto, we’re awaiting your arrival, you’ve teased enough, show us what you’ve got!