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Keylime PieI lived in Key West FL for a couple of years and that’s when my love of Key Lime Pie blossomed. Sure, at times depending on who makes it, can be a tad tart, but you make one with all the right ingredients and you’ve got a pure success on hand. OK, it’s been some time since I’ve had a slice of key lime pie, starting to crave, so let’s shift to the non-edible KLP, the one that’s in the oven over at Google Headquarters.

From Android 1.0 to the current 4.X, we’ve seen a steady periodic release of Android OS’s attached with food names that when you say to someone; are you looking forward to “eclair”, may take some clarifying to get the response you’re seeking. Fast forward to now, we’re all in front row seats awaiting Google’s latest goodness to make our mobile devices scream sounds of happiness. Jellybean was a huge success, buttery smooth it was and yes, still is. So how does Google improve upon Jellybean? Some will say Jellybean was seen as a saving grace, manufacturers surely liked its buttery smoothness. I/O 2013 came and went, many speculated that KLP would be introduced, didn’t happen as you know.

Supposedly, KLP will be released this October and it’s rumored to include some hefty improvements, particularly in the performance realm. My current Android devices are a gNote 2 and a gNote 8, both are running Jellybean and aside from the additives placed by both the carrier and manufacturer that could cause performance concerns, I’m pretty pleased with each device and their performance. Now, I love my tech and just the same, I love updates whatever the flavor. While I’m professing Jellybean love don’t think I’m not occupying one of those aforementioned front row seats waiting with excitement for KLP to be released, I’m there with you.

I wonder as to what KLP will bring to the table and how it will make our mobile worlds that much better. For those using devices with Jellybean installed; Are you overly pleased? Do you have high expectations for KLP? Some could say, Google has done so well with Jellybean that no matter the quantity of newness offered in KLP, all will be OK.

What do you think?