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With just under two (2) months until the September release of the highly anticipated Galaxy Note 3, the rumor mill whether you think it’s choreographed or not, is in full motion. Leaks of size and specs abound over the past months and now, there’s news of multiple variants coming our way being reported by Korean publication ETNews.

The Note series of Smartphones for Samsung, have been an unexpected pleasant surprise. Building on that success, the Note 3, if the latest rumors prove true, appears to be taking the path of the S4 family of devices. Is this a formula for success? Is there such a thing that, messing with a good can be a bad? One could truly argue either way; take a look at the early sales success of the S4 only to slow as weeks passed, new variants being released and then the slight decline in Samsung stock. Coincidence?

Some will tell you the Note 2 is the best Smartphone on the street since its release and while new tech has come and gone, it’s held ground pretty well. The folks over at phonedog run a weekly Smartphone ranking where experts and non-experts rank Smartphones one (1) through five (5). The Note 2 has consistently been in the top 4 of both lists. Personally, I’d want Samsung to make the best Smartphone they could, chock full of all the goodies they could toss in while keeping it a decent price point. But doing so, would no doubt isolate segments of the population, therefore not allowing their product the best opportunity for sales success.

An analogy would be releasing a movie in limited theaters vice everywhere. At the end of the day; Does it matter whether Samsung releases multiple variants of your favorite device? Probably not because it’s what we as the end user chooses to purchase, what’s reasonable when you compare price vs. specs. So, just maybe, multiple variants are the wave of tomorrow. Where would the auto industry be if they only sold one model of a car vice the SE (s) and the LE (s) etc.? My excitement still reigns high, I’m looking forward to hearing officially, what’s in store for the next iteration of Note.

C’mon September!