First impressions

Well, after all the hype and hearing of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, I finally plopped into an ATT store and did the upgrade from the gNote 1 to the gNote 2. Having owned the gNote 1 since February, I was  thoroughly happy with it and only took just over a week for it’s size to not be an issue. Now, you must know that I made the jump from the iPhone 4 to the original gNote an up until that switch, I’d been long time Apple fanboy.

It was just on Saturday when I put hands on and came home with the gNote 2. Here, two days later an oh, let me wish a Happy Veteran’s Day to those that have an are currently serving. So, two days into the gNote 2, I must say that I’m pretty pleased with it. You’ve no doubt by now read or watched a youtube video highlighting the specs and many features. This early into using, I’m already impressed and must say this phone simply has the WOW factor.

To say this is revolutionary might be a stretch, but can you remember the first iPhone and the feeling you had when you got it in hand, yes, I’ve got that feeling with the gNote 2. The hardware is awesome, quad core processor, 2 gig RAM and of course the S-Pen to name a few specs, but what separates this phone from all others is the software and it’s integration throughout.

As stated earlier, I’ve got the ATT version, so with all the super software installed, the ATT version lacks the multi-window feature, word is an update is soon to come, how soon remains to be seen, updates from carriers seem to take forever, which why I seriously contemplated the Nexus 4, to have that pure Google device. Just couldn’t walk away from the software and feature packed gNote 2.

I want list all those features etc, but want to highlight just a few of what may seem small but really nice to have features.

1. Say you’re in a meeting and you’ve got your device all quiet, with a simple wave of hand over the screen, you get a quiet and quick status of missed calls, messages and battery status.

2. Don’t you hate when you’re laying and reading your device and the screen rotates, yes me to. Well, the gNote 2 has a feature called Smart Rotation which recognizes face orientation to disable the auto rotation, very nice.

3. In email, when you’ve scrolled down looking at the incomings, a simple double tap on the top of the gNote 2 and you’re taken back to the top…WOW.

4. S-Pen…enough said

I’m sure you can see that I’m pleased to date with the gNote 2 and I’m looking forward to the days, weeks and months that lie ahead to learn the many more features this phone possesses. If you’ve got a question about a feature or curious about any aspect of the gNote 2, drop a comment and / or feedback and I’ll surely respond.

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Ciao for now….


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