Wearable. What Do You Want?

AppleWatch 2I surmise the many of us that drop writings here and there certainly possess in our storage bin of articles, those that never made it to press. Came across this writing just over three (3) years old and thought I’d share an interesting take held at that time as Apple was maturing (slowly) in the wearables market.  Enjoy!  Continue reading “Wearable. What Do You Want?”


How The U.S. Carriers Are Handling the Samsung Note 7 Recall.

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-7As those of us who are weeks into the continued reveling of the greatness found in Samsung’s latest smartphone, the Note 7, we’re hit with a bombshell, a global recall due to devices (35 to date) reported to have battery issues.

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Just a “Note” to All, Pay Attention!

Samsung-Galaxy-Note7-black-onyxMy how fast time flies…Just four (4) years ago, Samsung introduced the world to a large device for making calls, text and more. While few were quick to climb aboard the train, myself included, many offered much criticism, that criticism also led to what was then, sarcastic name calling and the eventual labeling of the Note 2 as the “Phablet”.

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Nexus 6P, Solid!

Nexus6PThe Google Nexus 6P, made by Huawei, is by far the best Nexus phone to date. Arguably, if you’re first and foremost, an Android fan, one could easily put the 6P as the best Android phone to date. Continue reading “Nexus 6P, Solid!”